Increase in Dengue cases on Curaçao

WILLEMSTAD - There has been a substantial increase in Dengue cases on Curaçao, as reported by the Ministry of Health. By the end of January, a total of 31 cases of Dengue and one case of Chikungunya were confirmed. An increase in the demand for laboratory tests and a rise in Dengue-like cases reported by general practitioners indicate that these diseases are circulating and beginning to spread. Significantly so, according to the ministry. 

Since November 2023, the ministry has initiated an information campaign on Dengue for the public regarding the prevention of Dengue infection. Currently, Dengue is spreading in various countries. The campaign included intensive inspections to eliminate breeding grounds for the mosquito that causes Dengue. 

Since January of this year, there has been an increase in Dengue infections throughout Curaçao due to the lack of rain over the past four weeks. Severe cases of illness, deaths from Dengue, and hospitalizations can place a heavy burden on the community. Therefore, starting from March 15th, the ministry has begun distributing leaflets and press releases to the public regarding alarming symptoms and the elimination of mosquito breeding grounds. Tourists are being informed via CHATA and CAP (airport). It has also been announced that a press conference on Dengue will be held next Monday. 

Doctors and other medical professionals have received information from the ministry with updates on the symptoms of the disease and its spread. The department hopes to receive more accurate information about Dengue cases through their own department and laboratory, as well as from CMC. 

Finally, it is emphasized that a large-scale cleaning campaign is planned to collect household waste and clean up litter in public spaces. This requires collaboration between local authorities, community organizations, and volunteer groups. This project will be developed within a few weeks according to the plan.