Curaçao in suspense: Is corona outbreak over its peak?

WILLEMSTAD - Curaçao is very cautiously relieved: the number of active corona infections decreased by almost 300 on Monday. On Sunday there were 4,768 infected, yesterday 4,472. The coming days will show whether the decline will continue.

The pressure on the hospital continues to be great. There are 118 corona patients in the Curaçao Medical Center, 41 of whom are in intensive care. 9 patients from Curaçao are in the hospital in Aruba in the IC. The outbreak in Curaçao has developed extremely quickly. Exactly a month ago, the island had 205 active cases and there were 4 corona patients in the CMC. The introduction of the British variant resulted in a lightning-fast spread.

Epidemiologist Dr. Izzy Gerstenbluth warned about this when the first cases of the British variant were detected.

In recent weeks, dozens of healthcare workers flew over from the Netherlands to keep healthcare afloat. Tens of thousands of additional vaccines have also been sent to speed up the injection rate. There is a very strict lockdown in Curaçao.

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