CHV: "Influenza symptoms resemble Covid-19 complaints"

WILLEMSTAD - The 'normal' flu season has started again. Symptoms of the flu are very similar to the symptoms you get with a Covid-19 infection. According to the Curaçao Association of General Practitioners (CHV), the community must remain alert.

The CHV emphasizes that it is important that people first contact their GP by telephone if they have complaints, instead of going directly to the hospital. It is then assessed whether measures need to be taken.


Just like corona, the flu is dangerous for certain risk groups. This group has been given a shot against the flu virus for years. That way they have more protection. “The flu shot would be available in Curaçao at the beginning of November,” according to CHV. The association advises people who fall into the risk group to get the injection from their GP. This can be taken in combination with the corona vaccine.

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